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Acoustic Analysis Software


Acoustic Analysis

Acoustic AnalysiswFor noise reduction in trains, planes, and cars, our acoustic analysis software bundle provides accurate, stable acoustic measurement and analysis. It incorporates our innovative Nth Octave processor that processes CATS and DATX data files to provide single-channel, octave-fraction-based spectral analysis in sound pressure level (SPL) and power spectral density (PSD) form as well as our acoustic intensity analyzer that performs a classical, two-microphone, fractional-octave-based, or narrowband calculation to provide direction-sensitive spectral analysis.

  • Octave analysis algorithms
    • IEC 1260
    • ANSI S11.1
    • FFT (based on a 64K-point Fourier transform)
  • Octave Fractions: 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24
  • Analysis period selection by:
    • Direct entry
    • Graphical selection
  • Automatic averaging strategy determination based on minimum bandwidth (lowest frequency band), degrees of freedom and analysis period
  • The spectra of any number of channels can be averaged
  • Channel selection strategies:
    • Random/manual (interactive)
    • Contiguous set (batch)
    • List (command) file (batch)
  • Superposition of limits on plots
  • Manual- and auto-scaling of plots
  • Output files:
    • SDRC Universal (Type 58)
    • Spreadsheet ASCII (.CVS)
    • Statistics
  • Analysis/hardcopy speed: 600 channels/hour (typical)

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